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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms at Flint Oak

A number of firms are finding that a little time spent going "back to the basics" helps a lot in molding corporate character. Executives discover much about teamwork when the meeting environment eliminates outside distractions causing participants to interact both at the planned sessions and during non-meeting hours. Flint Oak provides a unique retreat from the "real world" hustle and creates an atmosphere conducive to productive meetings. Our Members and Guests get acquainted with each other on an entirely different level while engaging in outdoor activities or relaxing in the quiet ambience of our Lodges.

The Mallard Room

The Mallard Room can accommodate up to 200 guests. Speakers stand before an elegant wildlife scene that creates the feeling of being outdoors. It is ideal for charity auctions, corporate entertaining, or special family events such as reunions and retirement parties.

The Board Room

The Board Room is an executive retreat with all the amenities suitable for groups up to twelve. Its elegant appointments and relaxing chairs will make every meeting a delight. Video conferencing is available as well as computer and Internet hookups.

The Flint Oak Room

The Flint Oak Room is a formal meeting room that can seat up to seventy people. Your meetings can be custom tailored to include table set ups for break time, from beverages and snacks to a continental breakfast. A complete selection of audio and visual equipment is available for rent. We can also provide Meeting Kits complete with legal pads, pen and pencil.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is available for meetings and a variety of other group activities. It can accommodate up to eighty people, has an adjoining patio, and is a stand-alone, private facility. The Clubhouse is an ideal economical facility for reunions, auctions, company parties, etc.

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