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The origin of the “European” Driven Shoot was derived from Europe, where a team of beaters flushed pheasants over the heads of sportsmen whose sole purpose was to harvest these fast flying gamebirds. Historically associated with royalty and the aristocracy, European-style Driven Shoots have evolved and migrated all across the world. Here at Flint Oak, we replicate this concept with six different European sites, ranging from 6 blinds to 39 blinds. The ability to accommodate nearly any size of group is why Flint Oak boasts the best European Driven Shoot experience in the country.

The Major European

78 Guns

      The Major European is the "granddaddy" of our Europeans. It has 39 blinds that surround the oak covered hill and vast rock bluffs. It includes a huge Hunter's breakfast, coffee break around a toasty campfire, a hearty lunch, and an equal share of the day's harvest. This is one of those bucket list items, and the enormous size of this European is enough to put a smile on your face.

The Phoenix

18-36 Guns

      The Phoenix was a mythical bird that arose from the smoke and ashes of its own destruction! Thus, we thought it was an appropriate name for this driven shoot because those birds just seem to keep rising and flying despite smoking shotguns! The dense number of oak trees on one side, along with the vast openness of the other, is sure to make it a challenge.

The Mini

12-24 Guns

      The Mini was the first private European shoot introduced to Flint Oak in 1982. This shoot has proven to be very exciting and even sportier than we first anticipated. With twelve blinds, The Mini will accommodate up to twenty four shooters. Fast flying birds and quick shooting, so be alert!

The Osage

10-20 Guns

      The newest addition to the Flint Oak European lineup, The Osage, is located on the northwest corner of the Ranch. This beautiful area was once home to the Osage Tribe where they lived and hunted buffalo. Many artifacts have been found close to this site as well as many other areas at Flint Oak and are on display in the Lodge entryway. Challenging forested shots keep all participants entertained and smiling.


The Mecca

8-16 Guns

      Webster defines the Mecca as "a center of activity sought as a goal by people sharing a common interest." We at Flint Oak feel this is true with our Mecca. Sitting among some very large oaks and blackjacks that surround cedars and more oaks in the center, it makes for very fun shooting. This European is arguably one of our Members favorites.

The Scottie/Double Scottie

6-8 Guns

      The Scottie allows smaller groups to enjoy European style shooting. With the layout of this shoot being much smaller than any of the others, it creates an up close and personal shooting experience.
      Try the "Double Scottie.” It is the most popular Scottie choice by our Members. It is different in the fact that the birds are doubled, the gunners rotate around the circle twice, giving more shooting opportunities and a second chance at mastering the nuances of each blind. The harvest percentage may be higher on the second round. This shoot is ideal for those small groups of friends or clients that you wish to entertain on a more personal basis.

Flint Oak : European

Flint Oak : European

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