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Rifle & Pistol Ranges

Long-Range Courses

If your hobbies include Long-Range Rifle Shooting, look no further than Flint Oak. With two long-range courses that will allow you to shoot over 1000 yards, you can put your skills to the test. The rugged terrain of the ranch can create challenging shots for even some of the best shooters. Flint Oak offers Precision Long-Range Classes during the summer lead by an experienced instructor, formatted to accommodate all skill levels from expert to beginner. Under special circumstances, we can even take shots at a target one mile away!

West Ranch Course – The West Ranch Course is located 5 miles west of Flint Oak’s main entrance. Targets are positioned at increments between 100 and 1100 yards and encompassed by the beautiful rolling prairie grass of the West Ranch. This course allows us to set up a 1-mile target for those who want to give it a shot!


Water Tower Course – Located up the hill from the Main Lodge sits the Water Tower Course. Utilized as the Unknown Distance course during our classes, targets range various distances between 100 and 1500 yards. Stunning views are associated with this course as targets are positioned across beautiful Center Lake and neighboring hillsides.


Rifle and Pistol

Looking to site your rifle in for deer season? Or wanting to run some rounds through that new handgun? The Center Lake Rifle/Pistol Range is a 150 yard range located at the bottom of Center Lake dam. Equipped with steel targets and shooting benches, this range is perfect for getting some rounds in. 

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