2022 Kansas State Sporting Clays Championship

Mark your calendar and plan on having a fantastic time while shooting cases of shotgun shells the weekend of July 21st – 24th as

Flint Oak will be host the 2022 Kansas Sporting Clay Championship. The grounds of Flint Oak will insure that all get to enjoy World Class Targets, great food and comradery while visiting SE Kansas. This event is held at different Shooting Sports facilities across Kansas annually, and the shooters of Kansas voted once again for Flint Oak to host the great event this year. The 4-day action packed event will start on Thursday July 21st with the GP Trap Cup 100 sporting clay event along with the Federal Ammunition Small Gauge, Pump gun, Side x Side and Super Sport 50 target events kicking off. Early Friday morning the Greenwood Stocks 100 Sporting clay event will start and will give the competitors a second day to get warmed up and find their groove. The Main events will kick off early Saturday morning July 23rd where shooters will be attempting 100 targets daily Saturday and Sunday for 200 total. On Saturday our annual signature shoot the Oakley Cup will also be going on  to  ensure  the  competitors  have plenty to keep them busy. On Sunday the Annual Wildcat Cup will be open to all competitors and the public to enjoy. Proceeds from this event are donated to the WOEM class to be used throughout the year. Management and Target setting for this event will be handled by the students from KSU. During the Championship weekend the “iron man” shooters will have available 800 registered targets to attempt. Make plans to come participate for fun, enter the competition or spectate over the four fun filled days this summer at Flint Oak!

40th Annual - Hunter's Education Course

Flint Oak will conduct the 40th annual Hunter Education course on August 13 and 14, 2022 with the help of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and our local conservation officer. This course consists of outdoor hands on instruction that allows students to become

more involved in the learning process. During these sessions, students will be taught history of firearms, firearms basics, ammunition, basic gun safety, hunter responsibility, ethics, and fair chase, field safety and bow hunting. Included are lessons on conservation and wildlife management, wildlife of Kansas, outdoor emergencies, Kansas hunting regulations and boating safety for hunters. The course will run all day on Saturday  and   half a day on Sunday. After completing the session work, the students will be given a box of shells if they would like to “PRACTICE” what they have learned at Flint Oak’s 5-Star rated Sporting Clay Course on Sunday afternoon. The age requirement to become certified in hunter education is 11 years of age. The hunter education course may be taken by those under the age of 11, on space available basis, but will be required to take the course again upon reaching the age of 11. There is no charge for the course and everyone is encouraged to take the course even if not required by law. Remember, anyone born on or after July 1, 1957 must be certified by an approved course in hunter education before they can hunt in Kansas with the exception of anyone  15  years old and under may hunt without hunter education certification provided that they are under the direct supervision of an adult 18 years  old or older who has completed  a  hunter  education course. A one-time deferral of the Hunter Education requirements may be acquired by individuals 16 and older by purchasing an Apprentice hunting license. Holders of Apprentice hunting licenses must hunt under the supervision of a licensed hunter age 18 or older. Under Kansas Law, Hunter Education Certification issued by any state, Canadian Province and some foreign jurisdictions are also deemed to meet the Hunter Education requirements. Rooms are available for those who would like to enjoy a weekend stay at Flint Oak and lunch will be provided for a minimal fee to the attendees. As openings for this course are limited, please call 620-658-4401 to reserve your spot today!

Spring Fishing - Indian, Center, and West Lake

It is finally that time of year we’ve all been waiting for, time to put away the hunting gear and brush the dust off the fishing gear. Get some new line spooled up on your favorite rods and reels and head to Flint Oak for your next outdoor fishing adventure. We have three different lakes available for you to come fish, all of which are highly managed and stocked to produce some trophy sized fish. Whether you are an experience angler who wants to do a self-guided trip or if you are a first timer and want to go on a fully guided trip, we have you covered. All three lakes are stocked with largemouth bass and wipers (hybrid between a white and a striped bass). While you can catch other species of fish all three lakes are managed specifically for the bass. The first lake we have available to you is Indian Lake. Indian Lake is the biggest lake on the ranch at about 100 acres. This is our fully guided lake where we have a marina decked out with four bass boats that stay on the water all throughout the fishing season. You’ll find this lake has plenty of shallow water point, rocky banks flooded timber, brush piles and some submergent grass’ as well to provide excellent cover for the bass. This lake also has five fish feeders running on it to help supplement the wipers diet. This lake is stocked with a combination of bluegill, shad, and tilapia as well all as a forage fish for the bass and the wipers. You will have the opportunity to go out for three hours with an experience guide that will put you on the fish. This is a great option for you or your group no matter the experience level. The second lake available is West Lake. West Lake is a 12-acre lake that is a self- guided lake. Here you will find a 17’ Bass Tracker tied up to the dock ready for you and your favorite fishing buddy to hit the water. This lake is only rented out to one group at a time so you will have the entire lake to yourself. This lake is also stocked with largemouth bass and wiper as well. Two fish feeders stay running on this lake throughout the season and it is also stocked with bait fish as well. Here you will find big submergent and emergent grass beds that provide excellent cover for all the fish. A member last season was wanting to know where to find a band aid to help protect his thumb from all the bass they were catching. You will also find some trophy sized wiper in this lake as well; reports have shown 8+ pound fish. The third option we have available is Center Lake. Center Lake is a 19-acre lake, with four beaches available for reservation. We allow bank fishing as well as the option to rent out one of our two- seater boats that comes equipped with a 12-volt trolling motor. On Center Lake you will find deep clear water with big rocky bluffs as well as some deep and shallow water submergent grass beds. This lake is also stocked with bass and wipers and all three-forage fish as well. This lake is a lake that is fun for all ages and is at a much more relaxed pace and can be fished at your leisure. Don’t miss out this fishing season and plan that special fishing trip with a friend or with your family that you’ve always wanted. No matter which lake you choose (or all three throughout the summer) you will not have a better time than at Flint Oak.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors

The future of our industry falls in the youth of today’s world. But are the kids responsible for ensuring this happens? Not at all. It begins with experienced hunters and people who have the desire to teach our youth something new, hunting for example, and promoting hunting as a positive culture that turns into a lifelong way of life. At Flint Oak, we are proud to say we get to do this all the time. The excitement is uncontainable for a child’s first time in the field, maybe with Mom or Dad, when he knocks down his or her first rooster. It will be the first of many “firsts,” and it’s contagious. During the extended antlerless whitetail deer hunting season in January, Flint Oak was fortunate to host two teenagers and each of their dads for an afternoon deer hunt, dinner and overnight stay, and a following morning deer hunt. The trip started out at the rifle range where we shot their rifles to confirm accuracy. Once we all agreed each gun and hunter could make a good, safe shot, we were ready for the deer stand. During the afternoon sit, one hunter was able to take down a nice mature doe. The next morning, with both hunters in the stand, both were able to tag out and finish the trip with success. In addition to successful deer hunts, in February we hosted three youth hunters in the field upland bird hunting. All three are members of a High School shooting team, and it showed in the field. They displayed superior gun etiquette and put plenty of meat on the ground! These are just a couple examples of what it takes to invest in our youth, the future of hunting. Flint Oak is beyond excited to be a small part of this movement, and we look forward to opportunities in the future. If we do our part today to introduce new faces to the hunting world, we will have done our part to ensure hunting remains a tradition, culture, and way of life in the future.