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2024 Kansas Sporting Clays Championship

Please join us for the 2024 Sporting Clays Championship held June 6-9th at Flint Oak! Register at

41st Annual - Hunter's Education Course

Flint Oak will conduct the 41st annual Hunter Education course on August 12 and 13, 2023 with the help of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and our local conservation officer. This course consists of outdoor hands on instruction that allows students to become

more involved in the learning process. During these sessions, students will be taught history of firearms, firearms basics, ammunition, basic gun safety, hunter responsibility, ethics, and fair chase, field safety and bow hunting. Included are lessons on conservation and wildlife management, wildlife of Kansas, outdoor emergencies, Kansas hunting regulations and boating safety for hunters. The course will run all day on Saturday and half a day on Sunday. After completing the session work, the students will be given a box of shells if they would like to “PRACTICE” what they have learned at Flint Oak’s 5-Star rated Sporting Clay Course on Sunday afternoon. The age requirement to become certified in hunter education is 11 years of age. The hunter education course may be taken by those under the age of 11, on space available basis, but will be required to take the course again upon reaching the age of 11. There is no charge for the course and everyone is encouraged to take the course even if not required by law. Remember, anyone born on or after July 1, 1957 must be certified by an approved course in hunter education before they can hunt in Kansas with the exception of anyone  15  years old and under may hunt without hunter education certification provided that they are under the direct supervision of an adult 18 years  old or older who has completed  a  hunter  education course. A one-time deferral of the Hunter Education requirements may be acquired by individuals 16 and older by purchasing an Apprentice hunting license. Holders of Apprentice hunting licenses must hunt under the supervision of a licensed hunter age 18 or older. Under Kansas Law, Hunter Education Certification issued by any state, Canadian Province and some foreign jurisdictions are also deemed to meet the Hunter Education requirements. Rooms are available for those who would like to enjoy a weekend stay at Flint Oak and lunch will be provided for a minimal fee to the attendees. As openings for this course are limited, please call 620-658-4401 to reserve your spot today!

2023 KSU WOEM Scholarship Shoot

Mark your calendars and plan to attend this Hunt Seasons BIGGEST Open European of the year on Saturday March 25th, 2023.  By attending this European which is always a sell-out, you can help raise funding for a great cause while having the time of your life. Have fantastic time with 1500 towering pheasants at the Ranch while raising scholarship funds for a great cause! Everyone who participates in this BIG Shoot always goes away with a smile, a full belly and a tender shoulder after testing their skills against 1500 pheasants. Funds generated from our Membership participating in this event go to ingoing freshman in the form of Scholarships to help cover tuition in KSU’s fantastic and one of a kind Outdoor Wildlife and Enterprise Management course that is in its 10th year. Students actually attend classes at Flint Oak during their 4-year Bachelor of Science Program where they can also receive a minor in business. Last year we were lucky enough to be able to award six scholarships to the students of the WOEM program with your help and support. Call the office today so that you too can experience a 1500 bird Major European before it sells out, something that should be on every ones bucket list more than once.

Gator Hunts (UTV-assisted Hunts)

What is more exciting than having 3 generations of hunters in the field? How can we do that comfortably and have a safe and enjoyable hunt? The answer is gator hunts. A UTV-assisted hunt that allows anyone to make it to the field. A grandparent may not get around as well as they used to, a young hunter following in the footsteps of their elders might not last 3 hours of walking on a field hunt. The gator hunt presents the perfect opportunity to get anyone behind a good pair of bird dogs. A gator hunt is conducted in similar fashion as our traditional field hunts. The only difference is we have an added guide driving a UTV following the show. The guide on the ground handling dogs is going to find the birds, the UTV driver is going to drive the passenger(s) to the point and help them off. Once the guns are loaded and everyone is in a good, safe line, the guide will attempt to flush what the dogs have pointed. If all goes as planned, a good set of pointing dogs will race to the harvest and retrieve it back to hand. Hunters will load back up on the UTV and proceed through the field, watching a pair of bird dogs methodically race to the next scent of a gamebird. Flint Oak wants to give everyone an opportunity to hunt, and a gator hunt is a fantastic way to do it. Don’t hesitate if you think you have a family member, friend, or anyone who just can’t make it through a hunt, book a gator hunt and let us show you a unique way the navigate the fields!

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